The whole thing is more than the sum of its parts.


Dynamic engagement paired with highly qualified expertise - that is the unique selling point of the SmartFoodFacts team




Nutritionist Anne Heit completed her studies in nutrition management & dietetics at the University of Hohenheim.

Their goal is to establish nutrition as a solid building block in the food retail sector. She sees enormous potential in the advisory service provided by trained staff. She also wants to revolutionize product presentation at the POS through innovative methods.

Thanks to her expertise in the field of nutrition, she is available as a consultant for companies in the food and health sectors in a wide variety of areas. Starting with calculations, product innovations and concept development, Anne Heit is available with her best skills.



To give people access to their inner resources by relying on individuality and expertise .

She pursues this goal both in individual coaching and in the context of company health promotion.


About Anne Heit


Ernährungswissenschaftlerin und Unternehmerin mit Herzblut. 

Sie hat immer bereits die nächste Idee im Kopf und geht niemals den vorgezeichneten Weg. Ihr Motto: "Was ich nicht kann, das lerne ich."

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areas of expertise


> Food intolerance / allergies

> Lectures & workshops

> Irritable bowel & gastrointestinal disorders

> workplace health promotion

> healthy weight loss / weight gain

> Food retail services

> Diet during pregnancy & lactation

> Lecturer for employee training and further education

> Nutrition in children and adolescents




Fitnessfachwirt und Meister im Taekwondo (4.Dan) Albert Heit trainiert seit mehr als 16 Jahren erfolgreich Gruppen verschiedener Altersklassen. Er ist der Meister der Motivation und weiß, wie man Menschen über die eigenen Grenzen hinweg trägt. 

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