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"Ich fühle mich matt, gestresst und habe extreme Probleme mit meiner Verdauung. Meine Leistungsfähigkeit von früher ist dahin." Marieke, 29, Bürokauffrau

"Ich bin sehr viel auf Dienstreisen - auch im Ausland. Mein Körper ist im Ungleichgewicht und ich erhoffe mir, mit der         Ernährung wieder eine             Balance zu finden."           Christian, 31, Key-Account Manager

Malnutrition leads to chronic illnesses, mental instability and declining performance.



Our approach is based on minimal behavior changes that have a big impact.


We do not make general recommendations, but build the advice on your current nutritional status. Individuality is the key to sustainable success!

"I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance. Since then I've been at a loss as to what I can still eat." Manuel, 41, lawyer

"I am one of the typical stress eaters. I stick to the fridge, especially before important appointments or when it comes to meeting deadlines." Susanne, 33, HR officer

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" I've been trying to reduce my pounds for a few years . I go on a diet after another and afterwards I get annoyed when I relapse again. "         Birgit, 52, operator

"Aufgrund meiner chronischen Erkrankung muss ich viele Medikamente nehmen. Seitdem leide ich unter Haarausfall und Müdigkeit." Barbara, 38, Versicherungsfachwirtin

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An individual nutritional plan gave me new impulses so that I could quickly notice results in myself. It can also explain complex nutrition issues and processes in the body in a super and understandable manner.

- Albert, market manager